You Know what to eat and what not to eat when on a healthy eating regime, But one of the worst things you can do is drink your calories . Some of the worst drinks are some you least expect!

10.) Lemonade: If you’re going for lemonade over soda in an attempt to be healthy, you might as well just get the soda. Lemonade has no nutrients and contains about 6 teaspoons of sugar per cup!

9.) Flavoured water: Sure, there may be a few extra vitamins, but flavoured water is made up of too much sugar! If you’re looking for flavoured water, throw some fresh fruit in a glass of water!

8.) Juice Drinks: They may say fruit juice on the label, but don’t be fooled! Make sure it’s 100% fruit juice!

7.) Frozen Mixed Drinks: such as mocktails and cocktails! These add up to about 880 calories.

6.) “Healthy” fruit smoothies: smoothie can contain over 700 calories!

5.) whipped coffee drinks: When made with 2% milk, these babies can contain 800 calories and way too much sugar

4.) diet soda: No calories, but also no nutrition! You should not be drinking more than 1 can a day!

3.) soda: A can of soda gives you empty calories and sugars. It’s equivalent to a candy bar!

2.) Liquor : for those of you that drink, it’s the worst possible tool to degrade your body!

1.) energy drinks: Energy drinks contain too much caffeine and sugar. Because of this, you will get a short kick and ultimately end up crashing. Choose green tea or some walnuts instead!