There are some recipes that bring back wonderful memories , even by just the simple mention of it.

Coconut pudding has got to be one of those wonderful recipes that bring back memories of home.


This recipe belongs to my mom (@shenaazosman) , and to be honest she is the only one that can make it to perfection.



Fresh coconut Halwa (Shenaaz Osman /  Mishka osman)

1/4 cup vermicelli

1 tablespoon ghee

Braise lightly and add

2 cups full cream milk,

1/2 condensed milk

1/4 cup nestles cream

1/2 teaspoon China grass powder

1/4 cup chopped almonds

1 cup fresh coconut grated

Cook till thickened, pour into mould of choice .


Let it set and thereafter,

Dribble extra nestles cream and sprinkle chopped almonds and pista .

The Extra nestles cream is optional.